Artech follows testing and inspection procedures performed in accordance with recognized ACI, ASTM and CSA standards of practice and our lab testing machines are professionally calibrated on an annual basis in keeping with those standards. By maintaining strict adherence to industry standards and project specifications, we are able to provide our clients with an effective and reliable service.



  • Marshall method testing for asphalt quality criteria
  • Pavement and asphalt mix specifications
  • Inspections of asphalt placement
  • Core analysis of pavement
  • Mix design reviews, consultation and approvals
  • Pavement condition evaluation


  • Mix design preparation and trial testing
  • Mix design reviews, consultation and approvals
  • CSA/ACI concrete field testing and inspections
  • Compressive strength of test cylinders and cores
  • Concrete structure condition evaluations
  • Reinforcing steel installation inspections
  • Specifications for structural concrete applications
Soils and Aggregates

Soils and Aggregates

  • Gradation analysis of soils and aggregates
  • Aggregate application specifications
  • Quality acceptance tests
  • Soil identification investigations
  • Fill construction inspection and monitoring
  • Nuclear field density testing of structural fills
  • Proctor analysis of structural fills
  • Plasticity indices of cohesive soils
  • Foundation bearing capacity inspections